Call for APACS Award(2)-Catalyst Development Excellence Award

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The Asian-Pacific Association of Catalysis Societies (APACS) will present Catalyst Development Excellence Award at the 9th APCAT in Hangzhou, China (October 30th-September 2nd, 2023).


Please note that the deadline for nominations is May 31, 2023. All nominations should be submitted to the Secretary of the APACS by email to the following address: The recipients of these awards will be selected by the APACS Awards Committee, and it is planned to inform the recipients by June 30, 2023. All recipients will be invited to present lectures at the 9th APCAT.

About APACS Awards:

2023 Catalyst Development Excellence Award Nomination Form (download word or pdf)

APACS will present the following awards at the 9th APCAT on October 30th, 2023.

(A) Advance of Catalysis Award

         Prof. Tao Zhang (China)

(B) Outstanding Researcher Award

         Prof. Hao Ming Chen (Taiwan)

         Prof. Masaaki Kitano (Japan)

These awardees will present a plenary (A) and keynote (B) lectures at the 9th APCAT.

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